The Green Room is the new place to be in Swansea’s COPR Bay, serving breakfast, brunch and lunch during the day, and transforming to a pre-gig venue by night. During pre-gig campaigns we serve a selection of handmade pizza’s that are made in our bespoke pizza oven, as well as a specially selected collection of cocktails and other alcoholic beverages. With seating for up to 60 guests indoors and additional seating outside, with view into the stylish interactive play park that has been positioned next to The Greenroom. This venue provides a relaxed coffee morning setting or a chic, evening dining experience before an event, you can dine in style whenever you fancy.

Our menus are curated by our talented chefs, all dishes are prepared fresh daily and all produce is sourced locally.
Sustainability is at the heart of our ethos, and we aim to reduce our carbon footprint as much as possible by eliminating single use plastics, our serviettes, coffee cups and straws are compostable, and we will increase these efforts as time goes on.